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Sight Fishing On The Mosquito Lagoon

Looking And Spotting Fish In Shallow Water Inshore Grass Flats

Saturday October 21, 2017

Sightfishing is the rage in Central Florida's Mosquito Lagoon as seen on many of the fishing programs and shows. Scanning the water looking for tell-tale signs of fish meandering the shallow grass flats and shorelines is an exciting way to spend the day for many anglers but may become exhausting for older anglers and challenging for young ones as sight fishing requires you to remain still for long periods of times while standing on the front platform. A good guide with the proper equipment can turn a day of looking for fish into an enjoyable day of catching on the Mosquito Lagoon and it's surrounding waterways, but the teamwork between angler and guide is paramount on a sightfishing trip in shallow water.

It almost seems impossible, but the fishing seems to be getting better and better every year with schools of giant redfish providing spectacular entertainment for anglers, but also single tailing redfish foraging in the shallow saltwater grassflats on the northern side of Merritt Island in around the Mosquito Lagoon. The adjacent photograph is a typical tailing fish on a recent sight fishing trip in one of our shallow water lagoons. Your guide will typically position you within casting distance of this target and it's up to you to throw an artificial, live or dead bait close enough for the fish to find it and not so close that you scare it away. Skill and stealth become an important part of your fishing trip.

Sightfishing is not typically for the beginning or novice angler with little of no casting skills, you'll find yourself frustrated and your guide will often have to assist you if you can't make the cast, but it's a blast for those wanting the opportunity to actually see fish and sharpen their casting skills. Typically sight fishing is done with a spinning rod, but the fly caster is offered an extraordinary opportunity to bump up their casting skills as it's often necessary to cast over seventy feet accurately to present your streamer or crustacean pattern to be gobbled up. Make no mistake, sightfishing on the Mosquito Lagoon is as fun as it gets, but you'd better bump your game by practicing your casting before you ask your guide to take you sight fishing on crystal clear grass flats and lagoons.

Sight Fishing Trips on the Mosquito Lagoon

Typically a sight fishing trip involves no more than two anglers and guide as weight and space become an issue when the specialized small craft become too crowded to make accurate uninhibited cast on moving or tailing fish. Sightfishing is a test of skills with both anglers and guides and requires patience, stealth and a little luck finding the fish. A good "Flats Boat" made specifically for gliding around in the shallow water in the Mosquito Lagoon is essential. Light fishing tackle from 2 lb to 12 pound test is often used with a common standard being around 8 pound test allowing long accurate cast for anglers. Other tools that are a must are polarized glasses, light colored clothing, sunscreen and an assortment of lures, hooks and possibly live bait. Lagooner fishing guides provides all tackle, licenses and permits to make a great day on the water for you and a friend.

Sight Fishing Guide on the Mosquito Lagoon

I provide a monthly fishing report on this page and this October is no different. Typically the best sightfishing is done when there's little or no wind and the water is clear. Obviously this is because it's easier to see the fish and make accurate cast. During the cooler months, there are more fish in the Mosquito Lagoon, but the weather is less cooperative during those months too. On a typical winter day when the wind and temperature is down, you'll see many fish flooding the flats as the morning warms up. Unfortunately during the summer, the water temperatures are on the rise and the fish often go towards inlets or tidal areas to get cooler. If you target sightfishing during the warmer months, you'll want to get on the water and out to the areas where the fish are before sunrise because as the sun comes up and the lagoon temperatures approach 90° the redfish will vacate and look for cooler deeper waters and are often difficult to find.
As always I look forward to hearing from many of you soon, if you need to contact Captain Gina and set up a charter please call her at (321) 868-4953 or just fill out the form on the right.
Tight Lines,
Captain Richard Bradley
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Sight Fishing Guide on the Mosquito Lagoon

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Fishing Reports

October - 2017 Fishing Report

The summer is over and the autumn winds are starting to prevail as we head toward the holidays and winter. With water temperatures on the fall and water levels above average you can find good numbers of fish very close to the shoreline and against the mangroves. Mullet are in their peak run and will start to subside as we enter November, but bait, comfort and the end of the redfish spawn should keep anglers busy during the month of October. Lie mullet will trump any given bait during the fall on most days and if you're lucky enough to run into a school of big breeding redfish, it typically doesn't matter what you throw at them, just be ready for these fish that often exceed forty pounds.

Wrapping up the October report, we have been catching snook along the deeper shorelines with the seasonally high water, breeding redfish are coming to an end, but you have a chance to catch them and the fall mullet fun will keep the gamefish interesting into November.

Fishing Forecast

October - 2017 Fishing Forecast

If you're looking to learn about the Mosquito Lagoon while you're visiting the greater Orlando area, ask Captain Gina to set you up a fishing trip with our premier fishing guide, Captain Richard Bradley. Redfish and Trout are plentiful almost all year around but the cooler months are when the lagoon really seems to shine. When booking the trip remember that Mosquito Lagoon is typically a redfish and sea trout destination but other fish species can be caught there when the conditions are right.

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

Excellent day on the water with Captain Richard - We were fortunate to get a good day off shore, trolling for bigger fish. We caught Crevelle Jack, Bonito and King Mackerel. Richard was a blast to fish with and knew his stuff. He made our day lots of fun and productive. Would definitely go out with him again!
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